Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thank You -- by Josh

As I arrived at the library this afternoon, fresh off the bus from a seemingly pointless and frustrating errand in the Capital (5 hour round trip to pick up a paper from the immigration office that said I needed to come back on Monday for an appointment; no, you can't call and ask about such information), my heart leapt with joy.
The two boys who had come in with their shoe-shine boxes to play games and read with our library staff were there once again, playing with Max.  Not only that, but the place was full of other kids and youth doing the same. Then the English class was let out and those little ones headed for the books and puzzles to get in some intellectually stimulating play time before their parents picked them up.  As the next couple of hours wore on, several more teenagers came in, asking about certain titles and finding just the right book.
"You have some great stuff!" one of them said as he browsed. Then later, on his way out the door, "Thank you, thank you! I'm so glad my friends told me about this place."
Just before closing time, a teacher from a local public school came by to ask if any of her students had stopped by yet, since she'd been spreading the news.  We weren't sure, but we sent her off with library coupons to pass on to her students (we charge a very small nominal fee to encourage participation, but prefer that membership be paid by an hour of service or donation of a book). She then talked with Vanessa about setting up a field trip to the library for her class and left with a big smile on her face.
Reflecting on my day, I felt a great wave of joy, almost bringing on tears.  So many people work so hard on projects just to see the smallest bit of light or progress.  Though we still have a very long way to go, I feel immensely blessed that we can already see some of the fruits of our labors, and of the sacrifices and generosity of people far and wide.
It is working.