Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Alllllllmost there.... - by Josh

Okay, here's a quick update for y'all. Last week, Max and I went to the immigration office, as you know.  But there was a surprise: there was no numberless window!
Instead, all of the windows were covered in newspaper, and as I got closer, I realized that those two offices had been transferred to a couple of folding tables. Perfect.
I approached the desk and busted up laughing: even brought out from behind the glass, the guy who always just sat around playing on his phone and flirting with female co-workers was doing just the same! Just chillin' there, playing with his phone. I had to admire his perseverance.

I talked to the first person, who sent me down to the end of the table, to one of the few immigration office employees who had ever given me excellent service. Unfortunately, his only job is to process finger prints and the accompanying forms, so I was pretty sure he wasn't the guy I needed, but I thought I'd say hi anyway. He politely and energetically told me that I actually needed to talk to someone who'd just stepped away from the desk but would be back soon. He then proceeded to point out to a co-worker that when one is service-minded and kind, everyone leaves happier.  Why can't that guy be in charge of the whole place?
So, I waited for a while, then shoved my special stamped paper at yet another person. This young man accepted it, wrote a big #5 on a jumbo sticky-note along with the date, then told me to come back in 20 minutes.
Not a stamp in site. Uh oh!

I re-joined Max and read for a while. After a half an hour I went back up, but the dude was gone. I asked another young man who asked if I had an appointment. Nope, and no idea what he was talking about.
"Well, you can have one today if you do it before three."
"Sure," I assented, not sure what the appointment would be for but feeling hopeful.  I went back to the Sherlock Holmes book on my phone.
Forty-five minutes later I returned to the desk. "So, about that appointment."
"Oh, do you have the letter?" he asked.
"What letter?" I was so confused.
"The letter you need in order to make an appointment."  Why couldn't I just talk with the finger-print guy!?
Long story short, it turns out, according to this guy, that I need to return after a while, get a letter from upstairs (apparently that's where the other fellow had gone with my paper) which I would then take to the Electoral office to get an ID, which I would then take back to the immigration office in order to have my appointment and officially "be given residency".
I'm going to head back to the Capital tomorrow, so we'll see what's next! 

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