Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thanks, 2013! 'Twas good.

Dearest Lovelies,
I just made this. For you. 
While you are always welcome to come hang out with us at the library, it isn't exactly going to be on everyone's bucket list. Totally get it. But I do know that you wouldn't be here if you didn't want to see all this awesomeness. 
The first six months were dedicated to gearing up for, launching, running and closing our Indiegogo Campaign. 'Twas intense for these newbies with a learning curve that looked like a sheer cliff. We signed a contract for our library space in the last days of June, so here you have it. The first, glorious six months of the library that belongs to so many the world around.

Just in case the video above didn't work out for you. Here 'tis:

And here's the link to follow the library on Instagram, because we're having the most fun with that lately.

Keep rockin'.

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