Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So. That Happened.

These are some snippets from my week. Don't get me wrong. I have chosen this life and I am so deeply content with all things ever-lasting. I know that I can move away from all of this any time I want, really. And I know that I am one of the few who can say that truthfully, unlike my fellow villagers.
I stay because I believe in shining light in dark places. I believe it fiercely.

So, true stories from my week:

*My kid was bitten, unapologetically, twice by two different children in two completely different places. Kids who are way too old to still be biting. They left marks.

*Before beginning my Adopted Reader session on Tuesday, I had to remove a syringe (complete with needle in it) from the floor of the classroom. At the school. I also had to clean off all of the bird feces, feathers and twigs that continue to fall from the nest that is well-established in the ceiling.

*My kid used the F-word (in Spanish) in casual conversation, not realizing its gravity because he hears his classmates and teachers use it on a regular basis. See husband's Facebook status for details.

*I had a parent-3 teacher-principal meeting that lasted 25 minutes in a closed room. When they left, my kid burst into tears and I held him as he sobbed while all I could muster was, "Please God, just give me the words that will make this okay."

There's more, but I'm good for now on in the sharing crappy news front. Because here's the thing. Absolutely amazing things are also happening. Light in darkness.

*The library now has its first international volunteer who is a gem of a person. We've got big plans over the next few months. Stay tuned.

*We finished our first term of English classes at the library and every single one of my kids made huge leaps in their conversational skills. 'Twas so cool to hand their parents a CD with a first-week conversation recording and a last-week conversation recording. They rocked it.

*Every single one of my Adopted Readers, who came to me in October knowing only the vowel sounds (and sometimes not even that), have started reading. These are kids who were given to me because they were "lost causes". I cried in class. For reals.

Wait. There's more.
A new mall opened in our pueblo and Josh scored CHOCOLATE CHIPS. I've been traveling to Santiago on special occasions to get those guys. Now? Available in my village.

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