Saturday, June 8, 2013

Give Me the Loudest One

"Give me the loudest one," said Don Ramon, our neighbor, to the guy at the hardware store.
Or at least that's how we think it went.
Just back from an out-of-town trip, we heard a school bell ring, clearly calling students to head to their next class. 

Except we were at home. In our living room.

Upon further investigation, we found this.

Caution! Do not stand next to it when it rings.
The neighbor down the street told me yesterday that she can hear it whenever it rings too. 

While we were out, our dear neighbor fixed our doorbell. It had been broken for a few weeks and we kept missing visitors. We live on the second floor and often work in the back of the house where its quieter, so will consequently miss anyone who doesn't call us or ring a functioning doorbell.

And like all of his projects, he didn't just fix it. He went above and beyond the call of duty. He traded up. 
"Did you see your new doorbell?" he chuckled.
"Oh yes. I heard it first, of course!" I returned his smile. He was mighty pleased with himself.
"It's from a school!"
He was so excited to have a school bell installed in the house of the educators, he kept repeating this as he walked out. "It's a school bell--from a school!" and he'd laugh at his cleverness.

We'll never miss another visitor.

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