Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tooth-fairy on Strike

This girl
That tooth
Parted ways
Last Saturday
One night passed
Mama home, at last

I arrived home Sunday afternoon to this:
"Zora! Close that window, its getting breezy!"
"I can't, Mama." She grinned her gummy grin.
"Did the tooth-fairy visit you?" I asked.
"No, she was in Santo Domingo," the Z hugged my leg tightly.
"Really? Huh. I wonder if she'll visit tonight."
"Maybe!" The child is ever-hopeful.

She whistles while she gabs (which she does a lot).
The next morning her tooth was still under her pillow.
Maybe good 'ol TF didn't come because it was a holiday.
And the next morning?
Tooth remained.
And the next?
Still there.

"The tooth-fairy wants better hours, Zora."
She shook her head no.
"But she falls asleep or forgets or is just plain too lazy after 9 pm."
"I'll remind you tonight, Mama."
"Thanks, Bean."

Side note: Yes, our kids are fully aware of these truths of the world. No, they never thought otherwise because we've always just told them what's what. No, it doesn't seem to take the excitement out of it. The last tooth that Max lost he just immediately traded in for some pesos--and was happy about it. Then he changed his mind and wanted to keep the tooth.
Why keep up the tooth-fairy gig? Well, I obviously am crap at my job, but the offspring love to make believe. What kid doesn't?
I'm still fighting for better hours.


  1. What a cute toothless grin :) my daughter just turned six and is impatiently waiting for her first loose tooth!

    1. What a sweetheart! Do you know of any customs in Malaysia when children lose teeth?