Friday, May 10, 2013

Entrepreneur of the Year

This guy knows exactly what he is doing.
Forget about the novelty of fair food, every kid with coins in his pocket at noon is eating fresh-ish cotton candy. Every single day.
When I pick Max up from school, I have to weave through a line of vendors to get to the front door. They know where the money is--children with poor impulse control (a.k.a. every one of them).
Any student who didn't spend his "snack money" (there is no lunch since school gets out at noon) on soda and fried food at 10 am is headed straight for Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) when that last bell rings. They shove past the scruffy dude with a wooden box hung around his neck, filled with hard candies for 1 peso a piece. Eager kiddos squeeze between the guy with 5 peso popsicles and the skinny one squatting with his pot of semi-fresh quipes (deep-fried bulgar rolls). And they crowd around the rumbling, smoking and overworked generator, mouths agape and watering. 
EOY-Boy drives a moped, which hauls a cart, that holds a generator, which runs...
Its amazing.
EOY rides his scooter up to the school doors, sparks that generator to life, sets the cotton candy machine on a big, pink bucket and gets to work. Making blue fluffy stuff on straws with a side of generator exhaust. 
EOY himself. He totally posed for the camera. Just before the crowds arrive.

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