Sunday, April 21, 2013


Yes, we're leaving the US tomorrow. Headed back home to our island life.
It is a time for celebration and joy! Not only did we get our passports in the mail with a lovely visa inside just a few days ago, but something much more exciting is happening right now: The Festival of Ridvan!
I've recently connected with a few groups of online lovelies dedicated to sharing all good things from their lives with each of us.
We'll start our Ridvan celebrations today at the Portland Baha'i Center at 3 pm and continue at home in the Dominican Republic. I encourage each of you--especially those with children--to follow this series hosted by fellow blogger, "All Done Monkey". Check out the line-up and I'll be seeing each of you shortly with all kinds of news.

Walking Through the Garden of Ridván
April 21 – May 2, 2013
April 22: A Message for All Peoples - All Done Monkey
April 23:  The Roses – A Toddler, his mum and their recipes
April 24: Music to Celebrate – Veritable Treasure
April 25: The Garden - All Done Monkey
April 26: Hospitality – Creative World of Varya
April 27:  King of Festivals – Veritable Treasure
April 28: Nightingale – All Done Monkey
April 29: Arrival of the Holy Family (Ninth Day of Ridván) – Zerbert
April 30: Joy of the Day – Veritable Treasure
May 1: In the Presence of Bahá’u'lláh – At Home with Momma Skyla
May 2: Leaving the Garden (Twelfth Day of Ridván) - Peanut Butter & Jelly
(List and image above courtesy of All Done Monkey)

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  1. Thank you!! So glad to have you participating! Happy Ridvan and have a safe trip!