Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Photolog: A Few Days Island-Side

According to my calculations, I owe y'all thousands and thousands of words by now since this here blog has been silent many a day. I figure what they say is true, so am making up for my debt with a grip of pictures, all taken in the last few days--with several momentous occasions gone undocumented. C'est la vie.
We arrived at the beginning of a two-day strike. Four foreigners with more than four suitcases in a semi-dodgy neighborhood during a strike isn't exactly ideal, but ignorance was bliss in this fortunate case where the city was quiet whilst we made it inside safely.
Strike day in the city = burning tires. And residue thereof all over our floors.
Although Josh was getting a bit stir-crazy, the kiddos found ways to entertain.
Strike over, we got to visiting all our gente here. Max had a friend over. They helped out in the kitchen.
Erika, head chef and a youth year of service living with us. We sho' are lucky!
Marvelous Mimi kept pets alive & Erika company for the last week before we arrived. 
Zora got in some story time with her Baba David via Skype & online story books.
Spent the weekend in the capital at a conference: "Jovenes Construyendo Comunidad" (Youth Building Community)
Got to squeeze her.
Freilyn caught me as youthfuls discussed necessary traits to be of service.
Awesome Ariela and Lovely Laura--one might be taller than the other. Maybe.
Yup. I live in the Caribbean. We do skits outside because its beautiful and we can.
Rock stars on tour of the waterfront.
Riaz taught possibly the best history class I've ever stayed awake for. No, seriously.
Explain that one more time. More drama (the good kind).
Sometime after this, I packed the camera and went back to my beloved village. I'm really bad at unpacking in a timely manner. My phone is still in that bag, actually, gathering dust and missed calls.

Josh prepares our Ridvan celebration. The whole community was there. All five of us.
We jumped right back into weekly children's classes, kept alive by wonderful Vanessa and steadfast Nabil (who will be back from their travels next week!). Junior Youth Group met as well and are preparing for an awesome community service. They're not nearly as cute though, so I didn't think to get the camera. 
We've had more visitors both from the neighborhood and Santiago--all chances to share lots of chocolates brought back from the US of A.
I'll see you again soon, dear reader. There is too much to tell.

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