Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Super Servers Coloring Page - For You!

An up & coming artist, Andrea Correa's favorite medium is crayons. I wish I had some photos of her stuff to show you (that's on my ever-growing to-do list). She does some pretty wild things with Crayola. Correa, in collaboration with Biblioteca Comunitaria Dr. William House, put together an 11-page coloring book featuring kids and youth offering community service. How awesome is that?
I'm happy to offer you a page from that very coloring book here. Go ahead. Print it as often as you like and share it with all. You have my blessing. Heck, you have me rallying behind you with pom-poms as you print the thing. Too creepy?
If you want the whole thing, let me know. We can work something out. Bartering is my favorite. Or you could just go here and order it delivered to your inbox, stat (Psst. Its the $9 donation perk). And know what? All the money earned goes to this little library I know in the Dominican Republic. The people there are pretty serious about it.
Psst! The file link here includes the text. This here's just the image. Obvio.
Super Servers read or pray with friends, neighbors and family (even if its your little brother and he drives you nuts). Sounds like a legit message to me.

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