Saturday, March 9, 2013

Otherwise, the Cat Would Be Dead

Had it not been for this beautiful Venezuelan, our cat would be dead.
I stand by previous statements that I could care less about the cat, but coming home to that smell would be horrific. And the kids would be traumatized. So, I see great benefit in keeping it alive.
We've been away from home now for longer than I wish to admit and have another 6 weeks before we'll be making the trek back to our island paradise. The question keeps popping up here, "Do you have a home there in the Dominican Republic?"
They're really asking to borrow our hammock (which they assume we normally live in, hung between coconut trees, on the island). They've decided that we're nomads, hopping from one place to the next and when we're out of options we end up here, at my parents' house. Driving them crazy. Its good that my parents understand Josh & I are a package deal with what they really want: the grandkids. 
I digress.
Our San Francisco de Macoris familia. Apologies for the photo quality--err, complete lack thereof.
The Venezuelan in question is on the left.
A wonderful woman by the name of Vanessa has graciously agreed to house sit for us whilst we're away. Oh, but its so much more than that. She is also keeping our two pets alive: Titi the fish and Danger the cat. Although Titi's owner, Zora, has been biting at the bit for Titi to go belly up so she can finally carry out the grandiose funeral she's planned, that fish keeps swimming around in circles. As far as I know, both children want Danger to live as long as possible. 
Our dear, dear Vanessa. She is also maintaining the core activities. That's right. She continues both our children's class and junior youth group on a weekly basis with the assistance of Nabil, our partner in crime and pseudo-neighbor in San Francisco de Macoris. A youth, Erika, also moved into our home, on the same day that we left, to dedicate a period of service to the community. So, the house, pets and community are all likely better off than they ever were whilst we were there mucking things up. Unfortunately for all of them, we will be returning. Though there is still so much on our stateside to-do list, I'm counting the days.
That gorgeous Venezuelan (inside & out), Vanessa. Photo credit: Jermain Garcia Gonzalez
Isn't she adorable?
I recognize a serious debt here. And wondering, what do you do for someone who steps in and maintains all things most important to you while you step away for four whole months? 

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