Saturday, March 2, 2013

All Work and All Play

My friend who created the library video shared this video with me after we'd filmed a story time at our neighbor's house. He listened to me laugh about how crazy we were for launching a community library that Josh and I were happily dedicating the bulk of our time to with no material reward to speak of. I get so many skeptical/quizzical/whatareyouthinking?! kind of looks, I've started prefacing our dreams with "I know its a bit insane, but..." I did the same thing when we moved to the Dominican Republic. People would ask if we had jobs, a place to live, knew where the kids were going to school and it was always the same answer, "I don't know." I think the unknown is scary for a lot of people. And rightly so.

So, at the end of the video the narrator asks, "Are you doing what you love right now?" I've never been more sure. Yes. While I don't need anyone else telling me so, it sure is nice to get some confirmations instead of quizzical looks now. I fully credit Lino Sanchez, the videographer, for creating a small glimpse into our lives and dream so the looks from people are now half-excitement and half-You'reStillCrazyAsAllGetOut.

Today, I wanted to share with you a couple of people who are responding with excitement and helping to make this library a reality. There are so many of you, so please know that each and every one of you--including you and you--is uber-appreciated by this girl.

Christopher Lay is one of those friends for life. We've got stories in our back pockets. I met him when I was 10. And he still claims me, so I figure its legit. He wrote this lovely article for Beijing Kids, an online, international family zine in support of the library. Chris gets it.

Then, Chris introduced me to children's book author, Melissa Northway. Not only is she sending some books to the library, she has taken "support" a step further. Dandelion Moms takes on a Project Kindness each month.
So if you're dandy, you will certainly be supporting the library this month. You heard it here, folks. Biblioteca Comunitaria Dr. William House is the focal point for March's Dandelion Moms Project Kindness. How kewl is that?

Dandelion Moms is made possible by Melissa and a team of amazing women. Pay them a quick visit and you'll soon see, these are people you should team up with. Their goal? To encourage you to reach yours! Melissa writes, "I am a big proponent of carving your own path and going after your dreams. I hope you are inspired by the women who write about their journey and please share with us yours!" Kinda sounds like she wants to make dreams reality too, huh?
Maybe we should stick together.

Wait! There's more. Speaking of moms and incredible people, allow me to introduce you to the lovely Lua Siegel. She has awesome parents too, who taught me a great deal about community and what is most important. Lua owns a bookstore, Peaceful Pages. Check out what this wonderful business owner is doing for the library:

If you're fasting today, along with millions of others around the world, (and even if you aren't) consider buying a book instead of lunch. You'll be feeding another part of yourself, supporting an excellent business and helping a library in the Dominican Republic. You can't lose!

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