Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Space Bubbles. Pop.

I was in the mall yesterday. So that was weird. It felt like 1994 again.
Josh, the kids and I wandered around a bit looking for a bookstore. No luck. We settled for Legos for the birthday girl. Last minute shopping, you know the drill (or you should try it at least once if you don't).
As we headed out, I spotted a scene in the Starbucks worthy of note here.
Can you see what I saw?
The mall, circa 2013
A line. Not just any line. Those people are standing one behind another, with "personal bubble" space in between. Incredible. I had to take a picture.
You will never-ever-ever-ever see something like this in the Dominican Republic. First of all, Dominicans would never go for Starbucks. Its pretty weeny coffee. Didn't see that comin', did ya?
Secondly, to be served in the DR is a sport. You must:
*use your elbows
*position your hips on the defensive
*be loud
*wave your arms
*and sometimes resort to pushing. Vigorously.
I'm not sure if any of this is considered rude. I am sure that this is what is done. I've tried doing what the people at Starbucks are doing. I was never served. Ever.
I remember clearly the exact moment I snapped and succumbed to peer pressure. I was standing at the counter of a Claro desk (so you know I'm already upset) waiting for ClaroLady to look up from her solitaire game on the computer when a tall, muscular man stepped right next to me, positioning his foot in front of mine. ClaroLady looked up and immediately deferred to FootsyGuy. I spoke up.
"Hey! I was here first."
FootsyGuy looked down at me, "Oh, yes. Ladies are always first."
"Yeah," I retorted--did he actually think he was a gentleman here?--"especially when the lady arrived here before you!"
ClaroLady served the snotty American and I was officially broken in. Good thing I don't drink Starbucks (except from the drive-thru).

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