Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shall I compare thee to a... -- by Josh

...summer's read?  On this marvelous Pre-Valentine's Day, I was strolling through the forest, thinking of my dear, incomparable wife.  As I pondered her variety of virtues, it struck me that Rebecca is kind of like a good book. I may have noticed her striking cover first (front and back), but once I got to know what was inside, I knew I'd judged right.
First off, living with my super spouse is nothing if not educational.  I learn all sorts of great things, like how to be more organized, more thoughtful, and more generous. She generally refrains from teaching me with words (unless I really screw up), but enlightens my life with her example.
She is also entertaining.  I fell deeply in love with her the first time she told me a horribly hilarious, rather embarrassing, poop joke.  She had me rolling on the floor and right into her arms.  She is my best friend, and nothing's better than just chillin' with my friend and talking.
We spotted some snow on the way to Bend last spring with the kids and cousins. A bit of scrambling and slipping and sliding down the hill and...snowball fight!
As you might have guessed, my wife takes me on adventures as well.  We've always valued spontaneity, and even if we've started planning a bit more, it's only because our adventures have become more complex.  I knew she was the eternal kinda girl the day we randomly decided to skip work and class and drive two hours to meet half-way between our respective college towns. Another night, when she was about 5 months pregnant, we were grabbing a bite at Shari's after a movie and we both looked up at each other and said, "Hey, wanna go to Seattle?"  Luckily we have adventurous friends too with generous open-door policies!  Oh, there was also a wild move to the Caribbean with our dear little ones, and well, it seems like that's just another beginning in itself.
Finally, like any good book, my soul-mate is pure comfort.  She calms me, engrosses me and keeps me coming back for more, and I hope it'll never end.
So, Happy Pre-Valentine's Day my sweet wife!

* Comforting

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  1. Methinks I may need to change the password so husband can no longer post willy-nilly.
    I love you too, darling.