Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Community Library or It's Getting Windy

Well, it's official.
We've got an umbrella NGO, Learn Across Borders, taking care of us. We're all over social media sites like flies on my leftovers; pinning things and sharing things and updating things and tweeting things. No promises that those will be updated as often as they are now. One can dream (and I do. Often.). After all, once we have a regular schedule at a legit library storefront, my time priorities will look vastly different.
But this is it. Our first, formal attempt to fly using other people's wind. Not farts, but Bette Midler kind of support-wind. You know you're my hero, right?
We've just launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the library's locale and two local hires for the first year while we get our self-sustaining piece in order (that'll take time, but we want to give this to kids & their teachers muy pronto). You're the first to know. I just like you, I guess. Even if you don't have big, red hair and a sweet, little, grey number, like Bette.
We've been running our version of a library for some time now, in a variety of capacities. We currently offer story time, loan books to kids, gather books related to teacher's curriculae and bring it into their classrooms for support, and we've even done a teacher training for a couple schools. So far, its all happened in our home, our neighbor's homes and in local classrooms. We're busting at the seams to expand into an actual community space, with set hours, reading nooks, a focus on inspiration, creativity & service--and a place where the community can come together to raise the quality of life for ourselves and our children.
A friend and former student of mine put together this video for us. It'll give you some idea of what we're doing. Check it out on the campaign site:

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