Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Its Valentine's Day, Schmoopy!

Dedicated to David & Sheila. The Original Schmoopsters.

I've never written so many love notes in my life. My husband is great 'n all, I'm just not terribly forthcoming with the lovey-dovey on paper. We've been promoting the library, however, and somewhere in there promised to send valentines to a great many people. I'm covered in ink and confetti hearts. Turns out this love thing ain't half bad, so I thought I'd share a bit with you, dear reader.

Here goes. Let me know how I do. A love note just for you:

In honor of a guy I don't know who promoted courtly love hundreds of years ago, I'm inspired to wish you all the best and most wonderful things. But only tomorrow. So get ready. Should be an action-packed 24 hours.

In my professional opinion, these are the best things from this lovely, physical world (and, consequently, the things I wish for you):
Peanut butter, tire swings, snort-laughter, re-usable grocery bags, Rumi one-liners, colorful photographs, carpooling, long walks (with good shoes), getting your teeth cleaned, Chai lattes, paint, little kid jokes, picnics, big earrings, puddle jumping, hermit crabs, Naked Lady parties, bubbles, double features, trampolines, homemade bread, Cortney Gusick's hands, sunshine, peeing outside, the Ferris wheel in London, popcorn, rock skipping, hammocks (the big ones), carving pumpkins, sitting next to people who smell good, flip-flops, Chiclets, street signs, baby goats (maybe), naps, gnomes, windmills and Don Quijote, full-support underwear, trains, knowing your neighbors, windows that open, messages inside/on food (except candy hearts because those taste like chalk), crowds that do the wave, fluffy bath mats, comic strips, campfires, plane tickets, Jose "Nene" Montalvo's cooking, balloons, generous and talented artists, Diamond Beach with Melanie, biogas, Trader Joe's truffles, elastic waist bands, five-hour-good-book-reading-sessions, sidewalks, carpet samples, staying up too late, sunflowers, drive-thrus, thank-you notes, goldfish crackers, the US Postal Service, hair picks, fresh mangoes, finding money in your pocket, barns, bike rides, raspberries, slinkies, the sounds the Angry Birds make, custom-made t-shirts, whipped cream, Irish accents, guitar players, Skype-dates, scarves, Bop-It XT, Thai take-out, keeping house plants alive, fart jokes, roasted vegetables, new haircuts, pet names, wrinkles, Post-It notes, spontaneity, dancing in the aisles, drawing on napkins, slippers and long lists. And you. You're absolutely, without question, hands-down, one of the best.

Thank you, Schmoopy. Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. I just remembered Chia pets. And how could I forget string cheese?!