Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Wrote a Book

For all three of you who have asked me to consider writing a book, today is your lucky day. I have. You're welcome.
Actually, I also have a second one that's 3/4 done, but I can't publish it until my husband dies or divorces me--neither of which I'm hoping for. That's another story. My husband is a saint, don't get the wrong idea. If you think of a good pseudonym--a nice nom de plume, if you will--let me know.

My e-book, I am an Illegal Immigrant, is available through our library's campaign website. Donate $10 and I'll send it to you in March when they all go out. If you're nice to me, I might send it earlier.

The library is also happy to offer you the chance at some love in your mailbox. Yeah, you.

You can win a Kindle E-Reader. Check out details here:

The contest details are in the video description. Or here.

You can also get a valentine from us folks at the library. Check out the details here.

Share on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, post on your blog, send up a flare, write a postcard, tell the world about it on YouTube, call your senator, yell it to the neighbor, dedicate a song on the radio, and just think good thoughts about our future library space and local library coordinator. And maybe about the hubs and I, but we're just the volunteers behind this whole thing--it's the community that you're really helping here.
Once you've shared as much as your big heart allows, go here and enter your name and address. Or the name and address of someone you'd like us to send a valentine to. We'll do it. Scout's honor. Actually, full disclosure here, I was a campfire girl. Campfire girl's honor!
Dost your eyes deceive you? Nope. Those are, in fact, paper confetti hearts.
You too can be vacuuming them up for weeks!
And do it by February 10th-ish. I live in the Caribbean after all. We're pretty relaxed. I own a hammock.

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