Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photolog: Dominican Baha'i Winter School

Dedicated to Jane & Howard.

"Its better to arrive late than dead," warned the big bus company's TicketLady. We'd just traveled two hours from San Francisco de Macoris to the capital on our way to Baha'i Winter School. We were deciding between waiting 5 hours at the bus station for the next big bus to leave or just catching a small bolero guagua within 30 minutes. TicketLady thought us crazy to even consider the underdog. #YOLO

TicketLady was likely just jealous of the rockin' pink curtains these underdogs are now sportin'.
Or she was jealous of the cozy feeling you get when you ride on top of your suitcase.
Either way, we arrived early AND alive. Take that, TicketLady, says I. 

At camp, we study (and facilitate study).
We engage in the arts. Children dramatize serving a Ducks fan.
We serve. Washing dishes was fun with Mark. Or maybe it was the water shooter.
Or maybe it was soaking Mark with the water shooter.
We check out the newest from Benzan's Baha'i Bookstore. Catchy name.
We practice patience. Why is lunch so far away?
We make birthday cards for Carmela.
We play games. And learn new strategies.
We don't comb our hair (well, the lady on the left doesn't).
We learn about service from octogenarians.
Doña Erika recently returned from service at the Baha'i Lotus Temple in India. 
We use our SpideySkills to concentrate on the task at hand.
We sing. A lot.
We become inspired by beautiful Annery.
We learn to share, consult, and create.

Max, no doubt inspired by the arts all around him, decided to become an "insect photographer". His career was short-lived.

We laugh.
And we help one another.
'Tis a wonderful week. We'll see y'all again next year!


  1. Wow, a YOLO hashtag, keeping up with the kids these days I see. Or maybe that's old now?

    Your expression in the second picture, I now see where Zora gets that look from. Fantastic.