Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How We Did It: International Pioneering with Kiddos, Part 2

Part I, in case you missed it, is here.

Okay, you want details? Here goes.
Having covered all the big ideas, we got down to the nitty-gritty: our last two months in our home country. This is the part where I wish I had had a smidge more type-A personality in me. C'est la vie. I did enjoy making lists with little boxes next to them. I usually ended up writing lists of things I already accomplished, then checking them off and smiling at myself.

T-6 Weeks
We happened to live 8 miles from my parents' house, which happened to have room to spare. Ta-da! We moved in with them at T-6 weeks for three specific reasons (in no particular order). We saved a whole month's rent money right off and were sure to get our deposit back with time to spare. We got most of the huge, stateside moving tasks (getting rid of furniture, craigslisting all unnecessary but still valuable things, etc) out of the way early. And we were able to spend more quality time with some of our family. Win, win, win.

T-4 Weeks
Since we're both educators, our jobs had clean end dates with goodbye parties already built in (every year!). With the school year over, we were able to focus our energies elsewhere. Having rid ourselves of most of our things, moved out of our place and finished with our contractual responsibilities, we were free to do as we pleased, mostly. We made a USA bucket list that included things like taking advantage of the last week of our museum memberships and spending a weekend at the coast (sans offspring). We spent time with both sets of parents, completing all kinds of house/yard projects that they needed done, knowing we wouldn't be able to help out on a random weekend anymore. We went to birthday parties, kiddy playdates and goodbye parties. We stopped by unannounced. We hung out at parks. We ate at our favorite restaurants. We grinned widely at strangers passing by. And we did it all like it was going out of style.

T-2 Weeks
Packing, packing, packing. Or something like that. When I thought a suitcase was packed, I'd tape a note on it summarizing it's contents (Proud Type-A moment, I know). The notes helped me find some sanity when Husband would come in with a few more books or his beloved snowboard (no, not really) or a vacuum cleaner (yes, really) and tell me he really wanted to bring them along too. There were moments in this process where I took a deep breath and went to talk to Josh:
"Honey," I'd start, gently, batting my eyelids in the sweetest way I know how.
"Yes, dear?" he'd smile, half-expecting poetry or confessions of immense gratitude for how amazing he is.
"I'm going to douse everything in lighter fluid and just throw a match. Mmmm-kay?" and I'd smile. Very sweetly.
Then he'd laugh like I was joking so I knew it wasn't a good idea. He's a good, thoughtful husband like that.
When I finally had all the suitcases packed--yes, I--the packing wasn't finished. I wanted to do this job all by myself for a couple of reasons:
       1. I like to be in control. I don't need to be per se, but I definitely like to be. Except if we're in a car, plane, train, roller-coaster, submarine. Then I like to be a passenger.
       2. Ummmm... nope. Control pretty much sums it up. I wanted to be sure everything got into it's proper place and since I had never done it before, I was not confident in delegating anything. Control.
After suitcases, I packed storage and boxes. You see, people were planning on visiting us. They still are. And they still do. Who doesn't want to go to the Caribbean? We were moving to where people actually like to go on vacation. Kind of (we're not exactly close to the ocean).
So I packed boxes and numbered them (doesn't it sound so organized?!). #1 went to the first people who were visiting, #2 was brought by the next visitors and so on. It's worked out quite well. We now have a collection of about 600 books in our island-side library (Yes, we want to start a community library and currently enjoy offering spontaneous "mobile story time" now. More on that in months to come.)!
Next? My dear madre allowed me to take over a few closets and some space in her home (My loving padre lives there too, but doesn't really care about that stuff). If you've requested space at the inn that is sometimes my parent's home and have been forced to the couch or living room... well, that's my fault. But it's for a good cause (like not paying for a storage unit).

Then you'll never guess what happened. Or maybe you will since you're likely smarter than I am. In all my efforts to hone my inner type-A and succeeding (I thought), the proverbial foul substance still hit that fan. And quite forcibly, I might add.

To be continued.... (cruel, I know. But necessary since I haven't written it yet.)

Part III can now be found here.

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