Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Neighborhood - View from the Top

While we're still getting to know the neighborhood, we have met a great many wonderful vecinos -- though mostly old ladies and children. They seem to be the most approachable and have the most time on their hands.
The retired couple who live on the first level of our house have brought us lunch every. single. day. We also find mangoes, pineapples, plantains, papaya and bananas on our back patio at random hours of the day. We, in turn, make brownies, rolls, cookies, iced coffees, smoothies and buy lovely chocolates to bring them in the late afternoons. It is a wonderful game of sharing (especially since I can make treats like nobody's business, but cooking actual, proper meals often eludes me). They have 11 children (all grown, obviously) and 18 grandchildren, which means that if our kids wanted to host relay races with all their friends and have a live band in the house, they wouldn't be bothered in the slightest. Plus, they're Dominican which I'm learning more and more often means that they enjoy people, loud and lively at all hours.
We met several children the other day when we ventured out to the public school. The buildings, basketball court and gardens (of sorts) are open every day until 10 pm. We donned our Olympic outfits and Max led us in a variety of events including 100 m races, relays, and long-jumping. With a few sticks and fallen leaves arranged just so over the concrete, our Olympic events attracted several other boys who participated and won a few medals.
Like many of our neighbors, we dry our clothes on laundry lines on the roof. I took the camera up there this morning when I realized that the internet connection could handle an upload of such magnitude and recorded a 360 degree, uber-short tour of the view from our roof. The two large, plastic, black containers you see in the video are our tinacos (back-up water tanks).
The neighborhood is, as my brother put it (after I gave him our exact coordinates for Google maps), "rusty". But we have rather enjoyed it thus far. In fact, we like to go up on the roof in the evenings at sunset and pinch ourselves. Are we really here? Do we really live in this beautiful place?

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