Friday, August 31, 2012

Newsflash: Blessed, Overwhelmed, Grateful

In that order.
Just the other night, the fam sat down to dinner and the conversation went something like this:
Me: "We are so lucky to live in the Dominican Republic."
Josh: "Seriously."
Me: "If we were in the States, we would never have a beautiful, big home like this. We would be working way more hours and we wouldn't get to spend nearly as much time with you kiddos. There are so many opportunities here to do the things that are most important to us."
Zora giggled and nodded.
Josh: "Yeah, it is so awesome to walk you guys [Max & Zora] to school in the morning and pick you up in the afternoon. I love having family lunch together everyday."
Max, looking upwards: "Thank you for brainwashing my parents into living here."

Since there is so much I want to share and have borderline neglected you (completely ignored?), dear reader, get ready for this action-packed post which will catch us all up, mostly. Some of our recent shenanigans/news bits really do deserve their own posts, so you'll just have to wait. Ideally, you'll leave today satisfied and I'll leave feeling caught up, ready to tackle the next big to-do on my ever-growing, yet exciting list. Ready? Go.

*We sort of got the house together.

Down to our front gate. We live on the second story of a house.

Dining room, kitchen. Yes, its a whole lotta counter space. And light!

Front of the house is one long, open, bright room. #awesome.
And yes, we frequently have people over. That's just us.

If you're a close friend and are dying to see the bedrooms, laundry room (so big the kids ride their bikes in it) and bathrooms, then come over for cryin' out loud. Or I might be persuaded to offer you a Skype tour.

*Josh got a job that comes with a title. Oooooh. Beginning September 10th, he will be the "Academic Director" of a local English institute. Yes, he has his own office. And an assistant. Weird. He might even appear on tv once in a while. The jury (Josh) is still out on whether or not I can share some of the details I find odd/amusing/cover-your-mouth-giggle-inducing.
He will work close to this place and might eat lunch there regularly.

Mario totally sold out his friend. Shameful.
"Friend chickens" are served up regularly to paying customers.

*Zora celebrated her 5th birthday with her buddy Samil in Santiago. Photographic evidence:

Cupcakes by Vanessa. The best.

Ready, set, paint!

A crowning moment.

 *Zora lost her first tooth. It wiggled for a solid 24 hours, whilst everyone she met offered her a variety of solutions -- none of them appealed to her (and reasonably so since all of them involved verbs like yank, slam, "swift pull"). She's no dummy. Girl got that thing out herself.

*Zora had her first day of school. Our little Bean is a kindergartner!
Tradition: Z's first day of school waffle breakfast.
Heading out our front gate. Happy, happy!
Wait, what?! You're leaving me here?!

Whole lotta girlies in this kinder class.
Having ripped her from my arms not hours before,
I came to pick Zora up & found her thus. The earth continues to spin.
*Max is still doin' his Taekwondo thing, enjoying school and playing for hours on end. He and Josh made pizza for lunch the other day. Remember what I said about being in a place and space where we get to spend so much time with our kids? It looks like this and is awesome:

*And me? I'm still on vacation from my online teaching gig, getting in as much brain candy as possible while lying in a hammock in the Caribbean. And, you know, some other good stuff.
Easy, breezy, beautiful: our back patio.



  1. So glad we gave you the waffle iron, now firmly ensconced in family tradition!

    1. We use it often and think of you even moreso! <3