Friday, August 24, 2012

Bran Muffins: They're Everywhere

Our last week in Santiago, as has happened with every single place I've ever lived in the last decade, I discovered a health food store. Odd, but true. A month before moving out of the Yakima Valley, I found a health food store. Bins of beautiful whole grains, my favorite cereals, a bran-loving-hippy behind the counter--you know the kind. Literally two days before moving to the DR, I found a health food store in Woodburn. Alfafa seeds, delightful homemade lavender soaps, a beautiful variety of whole grain flours, and a bran-loving-hippy behind the counter. Moving out of Santiago, we went out to eat... and there it was. A health food store. Each time I find myself asking, why? Why didn't I find this sooner? Perhaps I just need to leave more in order to find the places I want to come back to.
I was actually told about the place by a blog reader who commented on my post about Veganos. Thanks, Laur-Andrew!
La Casita Vegetariana has an incredible variety of super-tasty food and lovely juices. If you're ever in Santiago, please have lunch there in my name. You're a good friend.
Yes, that is brown rice. Can you believe it?
Josh ready to dig in to avocado salad and delicious eggplant.
La Casita Vegetariana also offers a diverse array of vitamins and minerals.
And whole grain goodness. What a find!
Happy to break tradition when it serves a greater purpose (or when I didn't care for the tradition in the first place), we found a health food store of sorts here in San Francisco de Macoris just last week. While we were out buying screen for the windows (the war against the mosquitoes wages on), we happened upon none other than a 7th Day Adventist store. Yes, some of the healthiest folks I know. They are offering a wonderful service to the community here. Check it out:
Whole wheat flour! Granted, I can't buy it at $4.50/lb, but its there. Just in case.
A slew of books and a nice variety of educational materials for wee ones is available.
Good stuff including ground flax seed and some soy alternatives should you like that sort of thing.
Josh patiently waited with his screen as I drooled over things I thought I'd never see in our new town.
Upon our return home, I celebrated by making bran-flax bread goodness.
So, there you have it. Either we're moving out of San Francisco de Macoris soon and I don't know it, or I've broken the curse. I found a health food store with plenty of time still to enjoy its proximity. 

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