Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We Have a New Address

And a signed rental agreement.

Believe it.

It is perhaps the one place of which I don't have a single picture. Sorry, mom.
Check it out: Nabil came over to visit and casually invited us to join him the next day on his own home hunting expedition in SFM.  Hooray for a friend who'll be in the city, even if he is going in kicking and screaming! (You know you'll love it, Nabil. Naturales Te is better on the weekends when they serve bubble tea anyway. I'll totally sacrifice and make the road trip with you.)
That night, as soon as the kids were talking in their sleep (I'm not sure if Zora ever stops talking actually), Josh and I pulled out the big guns: nine Tablets of Ahmad.

We got a late start the next morning (surprised?), so rolled into town around lunch. After hitting up Tu Quipe, we made a game plan: check out places for Nabil. Josh and I had entirely resigned ourselves to the fact that there was absolutely nothing that the whole of San Francisco de Macoris had to offer us. We checked out several bachelor-man apartments and showed Nabil this dark, little house by a bus station we were considering under the list titled: "At Least It Has a Front Door". Nabil gave me the You're Way Crazier Than I Gave You Credit For look, then said, frankly, "You can do better. Way better." I felt like maybe I should have brushed my hair and put on some lip gloss. Yeah. I CAN do better! Does that mean we're going to the beach after this?

My memory is a bit fuzzy here (I was focused on an intense game of Uno with the offspring in the back seat), but we turned a corner somewhere in the city center and saw a For Rent sign which we hadn't seen before. Odd. "That place looks expensive, but might as well call," Josh handed me the phone. The price was right--they were just renting the second level of the house--and there was someone there to show us the place. I don't remember much about it other than the kids will finally have their own rooms (the seven year old boy is especially ready for his own space) and I won't mind spending lots of time in the kitchen. #hellocounterspace! We'll take it.

Finally finding that place felt like our biggest accomplishment to date. We climbed the steep mountain, expending blood, sweat & tears. We made it to the top! Just gonna coast from here, yeah? But apparently the work isn't over. People keep asking us, "So, when are you going to move?" Well, soon, I suppose. 

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  1. Congratulations! So happy for you. Enjoy the move. :-)