Monday, July 16, 2012

Photolog: Eighty-two Trips Later

Josh and I have been all over San Francisco de Macoris. I've lost count how many times we've traveled there in the last six weeks. We've gone in rental cars, in the air-conditioned guagua, in the hotter-than-heck guagua, with Baha'i-friends, with neighbor-friends, with kids, without kids, dressed up, dressed down, excited, exhausted and sometimes flat-out exasperated. Since we aren't the kind to sink into hopelessness, after banging our heads against the wall, we reassessed. And made plans B, C, D and E. More on those plans soon. 
In the meantime, take a gander at a bit of our home/job hunting escapades which have kept us busy since our return from the homeland:

Professionally laminated bus tickets. The air-conditioned bus is RD$120, big spender.
One of many lunches in SF de Macoris was here in a food court of sorts.
Yup, that second sign says, "liquor store Bar". I have no idea where they went to grammar school. 
Your thoughts?
We found the perfect house. It wasn't for rent. We also found the perfect neighborhood.
Nothing was for rent there either. And no, the perfect house was not actually in the perfect neighborhood.
I have about 234 pictures that look something like this one: a home-like building with a sign on it.
The kids were too exhausted to play some days. Even at the BK playground.
Still, we balanced pavement-hitting-home-hunting with quality family time.
Pick up baseball game at the local university after a picnic lunch.
Josh dropped off his resume at the local baseball team's HQ. They're often in need of English tutors. #dreamtocombinehispassions
We met lots of friendly people happy to show us places to rent.
This dark little house was right next to a large bus station. #thinknot
We found places with 'backyards', places without even a balcony, bright places, dark places, small places, huge places.
Hamburges actually aren't too bad.
We saw lots of kitchens: too small, too dark, little counter space or lots. I loved this kitchen, but not like you think.
"And where do the stove and fridge go?" we asked. "Oh here," as he pointed to the living area and hallway.
We saw embarrassingly huge places. This third floor apartment had four bedrooms, three bathrooms,
a balcony, two living rooms, etc., etc. Methinks we'd be mopping a better part of our lives.
When this realtor couldn't help us, they offered us Avon products.  It's always good to diversify your income!
Taco Smell, Burrito Bell. We didn't fall for it.
Back in Santiago, we attempted working with these, though our hopes were waning.
After eighty-two trips (or something close) and no viable prospects, we totally reassessed. Are we on the right path? Should we move somewhere else? Are we not looking in the right direction? What are our options?
We just want to be like these people! What does it take to find a place to live in San Francisco?!

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