Sunday, July 15, 2012

Los Veganos

The first time I saw a sign like this, I thought "No way. There just can't be vegans in this country." Well, there are. But not like you think. 
A few weeks ago the fam hopped on a guagua and headed out of town. Destination: La Vega. Our sweet neighbors moved there in February and we--gasp--had yet to visit them in their new home. A bright & breezy third floor apartment right outside the city just happens to offer a beautiful view and a nature walk just minutes away. 
Little boys + big rocks = kersploosh. Every time.
Kodak moment on the trail.
So much of the island is like this: expanse of lush, green wonder  and a mountainous background.
Josh & Ehsan, deep in conversation.
Perhaps next time we'll see more of the city and meet more of the many proud Vegans here on the island.


  1. Hi! There is actually a big vegan population in Santiago. There is a WONDERFUL veagn restaurant in Santiago on Calle Restauracion, across from Clinica Corominas. Look for the green awning. They have another location in Santiago, but I can't remember where. It is WONDERFUL!