Monday, June 25, 2012

That Is Cheap! - by Josh

The best part of traveling are the misunderstandings that end up being hilarious.  There are certain words and phrases that, for whatever reason, are a really difficult mix of syllables and always come out slurred, especially if I'm speaking too fast.  Yesterday, I was on my way to the Baha'i center with some friends when we passed La Sirena, the giant superstore in our part of town ("La Sirena, it's more than just an emotion!").  
Anyway, my friend Mark, who was driving, asked me if that was where we did all of our shopping.  I told him yes, but we also got a lot of our stuff from the local vegetelera (veggie and fruit corner store).  "It's way cheaper," I added.
Now, apparently my enunciation leaves something to be desired, because everyone in the car busted up laughing.  "You get your groceries from the vertedero?!  That must be cheap!"
Suddenly I realized why they were about to pee their pants with laughter. A vertedero is the dump, which certainly would be cheaper, but I guess we shouldn't laugh about it since that is a source of livelihood for some people.
Maybe I can find some Spanish tongue-twisters to improve my enunciation, though maybe not.  Then what would we laugh about?

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