Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Santiago Cash Cab

The fam all hopped in a taxi last week, running late to meet a friend downtown, and hit the jackpot. In this, our 11th month on the island, we came face-to-face with none other than Santiago’s own female taxi driver. I felt, quite literally, like we’d stepped into Cash Cab for all its rarity and wonder. Betty Boop car mats, plush flowers and bling galore. Zora was in heaven, "Mommy! Do you see that?" and "Max! Look!"

We love taxis. We’ve met many great drivers: Honest Juan (he never overcharges), Fast Eddy (he doesn’t say so much, but he’ll get you there in a hurry), Leo (who has made coupons he passes out if you ride with him), Vintage Vincent (who only listens to Billboard Top Hits from the 60s & 70s), Jose (who spontaneously joined us for a Holy Day celebration he drove us to), Kelvin (who every time I got in his cab smiled and said “To my ha-uuuse?” to which I’d respond, half-giggling, “Yes, to my house, please.”), the Professor (who will thoroughly enjoy any profound conversation between 5 and 25 minutes), and a great many more colorful characters. All these dudes aside, this woman had the best name for herself. I keep a taxi card in my wallet just for the name the driver goes by: Bobo. But our femme-driver has even him beat. She calls herself: La Shorty. And she’s totally hip.

Safely at our destination, Josh paid her the fare we normally pay. La Shorty reached into her pocket and gave him change. If that isn’t Santiago’s very own Cash Cab, I don’t know what is. My constant-bargain-seeking Josh was thrilled. Then, La Shorty let us take a picture of her & her sweet ride. You too can ride with La Shorty. Call the cheapest taxi company we’ve found in town, Taxi Monumental (809.581.0002) and ask for La Shorty. She’ll roll right up.
La Shorty, taxi #86, keepin' it real.

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