Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photolog: Galavanting in the Northwest

Our Mexican friends, to a person, all thought six weeks was a bit too short. Everyone else upon hearing "six weeks" responded with one of the following:
1) Wow. That is a realllllly long time.
2) How are you able to stay away so long?
3) Oh my goodness! We'll have plenty of chances to visit!
And in the last two weeks:
4) What have you been doing this whole time?
5) And you still didn't manage to ____________(fill in the blank)?
Nope. No, we didn't manage to do that. If visiting you was one of the things we really wanted to do, but didn't manage it, you have a place in the Caribbean. We own a hammock and can guarantee warmth and tropicalniceness. :) So, we'll still see each other. No worries. There were quite a few of you, so don't all come at once.
Whether you thought we were here too long or not long enough, our time has been cut short with stomach flu this week and we depart this lovely place in a matter of hours, barring more illness, family emergencies or unforeseen disasters (all of which we actually experienced while here!). Quit your yapping, Rebecca, and get to the pictures already! In no particular order...

We found snow on one of many road trips. 
An oft occurring scene: Baba David with grandkids on the couch, reading, tickling and much hullabaloo.
My sweet grandfather was invited to a book fair for local authors. Check his biography out here. That orange book on the left is my father's poetry, though he is best known for his biogas handbook.
Guess it's my turn to keep the tradition alive.
My darling dad and his Burgerville Biogas Digester (the BVD, man) project thus far.
A recent interview with my suspender-wearin'-pops: check this out.
Another day, more reading sessions on a sunlit couch. 
Proof that my people go out in the rain. No problemo.
We had an awesome amount of cousin time.
Hammin' it up on JuneBug's bike.
We met new family members. Announcing gentle, good-natured cousin Henry.
And the "Bear", chunk-master, loving bundle of joy: Oliver
As they took off through the park, Max yelled, "Let's run like the wind, Sampson!"
Rousculp cousins. Too cool.
Calling all the ladies: (top) Sammy-Jo, Suzie Q, Susan darling, Ali the lovely bride, Generous Chrissy, Sweet Kati,
(bottom) Moi, Socialite Caitlin, June Bug, Happy Bria and Zora Bean.
Source of all that progeny: Great great-grandpa Lincoln. He turned old, but is still kickin'!
Ceremony. <3
Uncle Tom stepped up the kid department with structure and rules.
And fun. 
Keep it in the air, up, up, up!
The athlete in the family. JuneBug's got hops. Even with her shoes on backwards.
Oh my. That most certainly meets my approval.
The sharing consult lasted no less than 8 minutes before they started eating their slice of Oreo cake.
They both run a hard bargain.

"We're four. We like each other. And our favorite color is rainbow."
The two brides share trade secrets.
Oliver can sit anywhere since he has his own built-in Bumbo chair, ('dem thighs, oh my!) including on CrazyHair's lap.
Max receiving his first lesson in structurally-sound architecture .
We tried to go to the movies. Apparently, I can't read movie times very well,
so I just took a picture of how clean the sidewalk is.
Like good Americans, we just went out to eat instead.
Birthday phone call from Uncle Sam before dinner.
The menu, created by Max: bubble tea, green beans, mashed potatoes & gravy, fried chicken and waffles. 'Course.
Texas sheet-cake on fire. Classic. Happy 7th, kiddo.
You know you're loved when your cousin will wear an eye-patch with you,
even though she doesn't need to. <3 Melted.

We spent a fair amount of time with Great Cap't at the various facilities medical professionals hauled him to.

We visited Max's kinder teacher and read stories written by Dominican kids their age.

And the kinders interviewed Max about his international man-of-mystery lifestyle.

We put aside a wad-o-cash to spend at Powell's on Spanish language kids' books for our community library project.
Baba Ed helped in the decision making.

Grandma Susan was caught red-handed dispensing copious amounts of syrup.

That pretty much sums it up right here. Sweet, sweet, sweet.