Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bleach on My Block

Some snazzy tunes roll past our house every couple of weeks and if it weren’t for Josh, I still wouldn’t know the delightful details. I didn’t want to share until I had actual video since lowly words wouldn’t do this one justice. Yes, friends, video footage. It’s a rarity around these parts since uploading video looks like this:

Sloooooooooow. This video is all of 18 seconds. If you’re not patient, you’ll go mad or you’ll go elsewhere. That grey box to the left? That’s where YouTube normally puts a preview picture of the video. The connection can’t take that kind of heat. I love this. Like I’m a side-story in an aerosol-can-cheesy B movie.

Of all these peddlers, the avocado & mango vendors who come every morning, random wares sellers (Once, a guy came to the gate and sat on top of the enormous vase he was trying to sell. He said he could sit there quite comfortably for as long as it took, even though I had told him no six times), the shoeshine twins who are here every Saturday, the battered truck that buys all things broken, my favorite is this guy. HipsterCloroGuy. He has a good thing goin’ and his garage band put all pertinent information into the jingle he blasts around town. Check it out:

For those non-Spanish speakers out there, the song says something like this:
Fill your gallon jug for just 40 little pesos. Did you hear that right? Just 40 little pesos. Just say no to store bought bleach. Hey! Yo! We’ll fill your gallon up. It’s the most economical.
How can you deny a guy who uses the word economical in his hip jingle? Once, HipsterCloroGuy didn’t have change. So he gave Josh this dish soap instead. Totally hip.

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