Friday, May 18, 2012

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

"Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious." - Rumi

We're not just going to San Francisco. We're moving there. #officialannouncement
No, silly, not the one in California. This SF is worlds away and the only one this family would consider moving to. We've never lived in any place that people openly admit to liking or is considered a "destination". Why not continue the trend? I guess that means that we're maintaining our reputation and I doubt we'll ever be widely known for anything, good, bad or indifferent. Still, I can't resist a good Rumi line.
Last month, we rented a car and spent the day in San Francisco identifying neighborhoods we might want to move to. The pictures are what you would expect to be taken from a car window whilst sitting between two children. Be forgiving and you'll get the idea. Our future hometown:

A quiet part of downtown SF.
I can't tell if "Tu Closet" is a clothing store or a place for naked gun-wielders. Check back later.
Small family plots behind homes keep cows and vegetables.
Max joined a pick-up game of basketball with some local boys. That's our sweet rental in the background.

In the meantime, Zora (the shortest one in the distance) and Leticia bought us all water.
Forget the unpopular paradise in the sky, we tasted this stuff. Good find, Leticia.
San Francisco de Macoris is the home of the Giants. Josh is stoked.
We ambled by a bunch of impromptu firemen training. It's something to do.
A bunch of lawyers were playing ball. Talk in the bleachers was hilarious and totally inappropriate for a family blog.
We will not want for cheap empanadas or diarrhea.
Basketball is a popular pastime it seems.
I can get beautiful by a guy named Frank.
And we will be called Francomacorisanos. V. nice.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cultural Mix-Up and My Resulting Addiction

Returning to the Northwest has, thus far, been nothing short of joyous. We've enjoyed friends, family and even ex-coworkers in our last two weeks (subbing jobs are plentiful), not to mention the sampling of a variety of foods otherwise unavailable to us on the island. #ThaiFood #QualityApples #DadsBurgers #LovelyLettuce
I've also been sampling a great variety of caffeinated drinks anywhere they are served, now that I officially do that sort of thing. And I have had an epiphany.
Dominicans don't so much drink coffee as taste it. Please see below evidence of the coffee cups in the professor's lounge at the university. Note that the size is considered normal. These cups are not a topic of conversation, but are unconditionally accepted as proper disposable coffee cups.
And it is tasty coffee. Don't forget to notice the size: Lilliputian.
So, being from these great United States, I knew that my people drink coffee in far different proportions (read: Gulliver). Naturally, when I started drinking coffee, then, I drank several thimbles-full at a time, like any good American would (tongue & cheek). I also started getting headaches on the weekends, coincidentally when I wasn't at work where the free coffee was. Odd, I thought, I'm not really drinking that much coffee to merit this sort of addiction in such a short span of time. Having had coffee stateside, however, I realize that I was drinking that much coffee since here, coffee tastes like water. And they like to add milk to it. And "flavors". And God knows what else. Apparently my people drink large cups of coffee, but its weak and filled with all kinds of other things.
I raise my thimble to you, then, and offer a toast to Dominicans who are far more efficient than Americans... 
when it comes to caffeine intake.

ps. My second favorite part of these particular cups is the brand name.