Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Can We Bring You From the Island?

We will be in our homeland in less than a month. Happy, happy. Joy, joy.
Our plans include:
*Visit family, friends, kiss & hold new babies and witness a union. #BestPart
*Work as substitute teachers and earn enough money to make our next move (WSD amigos, please call on us!).
*Eat lovely things we miss like apples, berries and lettuce we don't have to soak in vinegar.
*Shop in glorious second-hand stores to clothe our children for the next year & find some key materials for Josh's island goals #exciting. 
*Re-organize our storage and pack-up or sell more of our possessions (mainly just books are left, really)
*Go on an overnight date with my husband #muchneededrespite
*Explore options & connections to be made for my island goals #crossyourfingers

If you, dear reader, live in the United States (preferably our corner of them, but mail is generally reliable in country) and are inclined to have a piece of island life in your home or an island flavor to delight your senses, this is your opportunity. We'll be bringing back suitcases filled with love from the island. Sorry, no fresh mangoes.

Important Notes:
*Please make your orders by April 15 so we have time to gather everything before our plane takes off. Your items will arrive in Oregon April 20th. If I won't be seeing you during my visit, send me an email and we can arrange something.

*We wholeheartedly believe in bartering and are in need of several things from the homeland, so shoot me an email if you're interested in a good trade instead (Psst... we aren't too good for used stuff, either. Ya know, as long as its not floss).

Cafe molido Santo Domingo 1 lb
Santo Domingo ground coffee, the coffee that got me hooked, which you could buy here from someone else, or you can give $10 to us via PayPal and we'll bring you a 1 lb bag or three.

Cortes Hermanos Dominican chocolate bars, (cocoa nibs, coffee and ice cream cone bits) which I can't find for sale online, but are delicious. Note: It may be difficult to keep them from melting and reforming slightly during the trip, but I'll do my best. I can, however, guarantee superb flavor.

Set of Three Bars

Pure Dominican Cocoa Butter (4 oz), which is great for your skin, especially if you want a scar created by a pot of boiling water to your HooHa to disappear forever.

Number of 4 oz Jars

Snail Drool Shampoo. Classic.

Number of 9 oz Bottles

Handmade, up-cycled magazine bracelets. We're testing the market for these with the intention of a small social & economic development project for local women.
Monies from sales of bracelets will go toward start-up costs. 

Please include the size you'd like (the bracelet slips on) and colors (Ex. "bright reds and yellows" or "black, white and text" or "pink, green and blue") which we'll do our best to include.

Preferred Colors (Up to 3)

We only have so much space, so get in on this goodness now. And we'll see you in a few weeks!

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