Sunday, April 15, 2012

Road Trip: The Chocolate Path

You read that right, my menstruating mamas (sorry dudes, I realize you enjoy chocolate as well). The Chocolate Path is a real place. Is it not a given that it's here on the island, in paradise? Don't be jealous, you can have your piece too. Hand delivered.
Just yesterday, the fam and a couple of "salt-o-the-earth, wonderful" kind of people headed to our future hometown*. Its no coincidence that the Chocolate Path is just two miles outside said city.
We strolled in like we knew what we were doing.
Quick, look socially awkward! The drying of cacao smells earthy.
A chocolate tour we weren't invited to. I went paparazzi on them from the window outside.

This is what we really came for: gift shop full of chocolates and chocolate paraphernalia. Don't mind if I do.

Galvin lifted Max up to reach some of the cacao.
It grows all over the trees.
And looks like this when its ripe. Huge. We'll crack it open soon.

*"So, can I actually publish that we've chosen the city we'll live in?" I ask Josh after the trip. Much like choosing one another, I had thought we'd confirmed this some time ago. Turns out, he was still wavering.
"Yes. Consider it public knowledge." We're moving out of Santiago in July.

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