Monday, April 2, 2012

Photolog: San Juan de la Maguana

While Josh & the kids were at Baha'í winter school in December, they met a joyous family there who insisted we visit them sometime in the future. Soheil, Maureen, Nasim and Rouhanieh opened their home to us for five days a few weeks ago. 'Twas a splendid time spent all around.
Poor planning on my part left us with an almost-dead camera battery, so our photolog lacks a great many experiences including a wonderful dinner with many local Baha'ís, junior youth group, a 4-hour cupcake making extravaganza with a lovely local baker, RUHI study circle, and general merriment. Here's what I did manage:

Day one saw us participating in a wee English class at the Maguana English Center.
We drew our favorite animal and talked about pets we had. Chicken was a popular one.
We understood later (see Zora's photo below).
Teacher Rouhanieh prepping the next activity.
Josh was able to substitute teach twice during that week. Always good to be back in the classroom.
View from atop the English Center. San Juan, you are beautiful.
The fam. And one of the only shots of my ever-active Max who I never seem to catch with my camera.
We forced him to sit for this one under threat of no ice cream.
We ambled about town.
Checked out the local stadium.
Yeah. That's a white castle (No John, not the fast food joint, but an actual castle) in the background there.
Wandered by this gem of a house/clinic.
We visited this neighborhood just outside town several times. Sun sets as a girl runs back home with her treats from the colmado.
Camera was slyly just above my purse as I walked by and snapped this shot of a cock fight.
In the middle of the street. Men yelling and circling as the crowd grew.
We sat outside a local Baha'is' home, watching neighbor girls play marble games and invent new dance moves.
Zora jokes with a local Baha'í youth as we wait for a devotional gathering to start.
He shared some just-picked-cherries from the tree behind them.
Fat eggplants were growing here as well, in stark contrast to the quarter size one that's been in our garden for the last month.
That thing in her hand is real. It had two friends. And they lived in the house we stayed in. Pets.
I lived in fear of squashing one the whole week. They had names, after all.
Zora, however, was thrilled to have something to love & squeeze while she was away from Danger.
Rouhanieh, me (too much Persian tea?), Zora and Nasim say goodbye on our last day. The doll, who sings about giving kids shots, was a gift from the girls. I have the lyrics memorized.
Zora did her hair as part of the long bus ride back home (7 hours travel time) with a clip she made in San Juan.
Thank you to all of our hosts in San Juan de la Maguana!

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  1. Can't wait to have you all back contributing your many talents, unique personalities, artistic abilities, energy and warmth. You are a wonderful family and our home will always be open for short, extended or permanent visits. Hugs to all, dana