Friday, April 13, 2012


Despite my delight at consuming freshly picked tomatoes every day, our garden is officially out. of. control. Not a neighbor on our entire block will go hungry while we're out of the country. Well, they wouldn't anyway since I'm certain we are the only ones without a car or two, a maid or three and full-time jobs. Whatever those are.

When we arrived, this was all rock. We're not exactly type-A gardeners (if those exist).

The squash has begun to take over the garden.
I find some new babies every other day or so.
Our banana tree looks happy. I have no idea how long it will be before our bananas
are swirling around in the blender for a morning smoothie.
Dill has sprung up everywhere I turn.
I vaguely remember Zora with that bag of seeds a few months ago.
This is my chayote. The tofu of vegetables.
A day's tomato harvest.
And every day, we have to redirect the squash.
It finds our house inviting and creeps right in.

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