Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Swear, We Were Invited

To the Aguila's manager's house. In Santiago. For an Easter party. You can touch my arm if you want to. Or just look at the pictures and the beauty/fun/friends/strangers/deliciousfood/yougettheidea.

Ami found new wheels with Samil's help. 

Max's first order of business.
This smaller, kiddy pool sits above the larger pool, splashing a lovely fountain down into it.

Like I said, the Aguila's manager's house. Ball players in stained glass. 'Course.

Kool-Aid tongue!

Like that rockin’ bracelet she’s sportin’ on her right hand (no, her right, your left)?
You can get one here.

Now these are the rules, kids. Max is way too eager to pummel wee ones in egg collecting competition. 
Who is that kid's mother anyway?

Samil waits for the go-ahead.

Amely found her first (and last) egg.

Ami posed with that face. Held it. Ham and cheese.

Dying eggs. Where does this tradition spring from? It is fun!

Serious focus.
You should see the hens these came from.

Yes, the pool weaves around the yard.

Oh, the palm trees? That's because we live in the Caribbean.
Pleeeease? Just one more jump in the pool before we leave?!

That's a signed baseball. At the entrance of the house. #JoshIsInLove

What we'll do to save RD$200 pesos. I sat in the front seat on Josh's lap 
while Martine got stuck in the back with--count 'em--five children.
#LittleBitAwesome #LittleBitStupid

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