Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't Get Your Hair Wet!

On a walk home from work sometime in September it started to rain. I kept walking, grateful for a respite from the heat, and was suddenly alone on the pseudo-sidewalk. People poked out from shops and were huddled under make-shift cardboard umbrellas, squeezed against the sides of buildings. A few steps more and I heard shouts, "Hey! Get out of the rain!" and "You're getting wet!" and, my personal favorite "It's raining, lady!" Yes. Yes it is. I used to politely respond that I come from a place where it rains 10 months out of the year, I'm made of rain. Now I just smile and wave like an idiot. Life stops all together here when it rains. Your head must not encounter rain. If your hair gets wet from the rain, you'll surely get sick within a few days. Perhaps the truth of that one has more to do with the fascination with and enormous upkeep of straight hair here--a thing completely ruined by moisture.
I've begun to realize why you shouldn't go out in the rain. It has nothing to do with getting a bit damp from a sprinkling of afternoon rain in the middle of a hot day. No. It has everything to do with the unpredictability of precipitation here. Light showers are quite enjoyable, but can transform--in mere seconds--to torrential downpours. These are what we've experienced this week. Rain. In buckets. And flooding.

Shall I venture out?
Zora & Danger peek out our front gate.
Max ventures out, ever conscious not to get his hair wet.
Apparently its okay if your entire mid-section gets soaked though.
Jesse wading through the madness at the end of the street.
He found the blockage of leaves & debris causing that particular lake.
And he took care of business. Like a boss.

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