Friday, March 2, 2012

Makeover. Serious.

You work with what you got and in our case it wasn't a lot. But we did what we could and you know it was good. (Shout out to K'naan) Fortunate for me, K'naan's topic and mine are completely different.
Today the gang headed on down to the Baha'i Center to offer a wee bit o' service. Five hours. Measly in the grand scheme of things, really. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the ever-sought-after before pictures, so you'll get the mid-process views first, then the after photos, which we all love. Who doesn't love a good before & after? Transformation, after all, is why we're all here.
Anywho, we focused all of our efforts on two specific rooms that join our main meeting room and the hallway to the kitchen. Longish-Sidenote: Dear Reader, Please note that the two transformation rooms I am about to show you have been used as storage. These were not in regular circulation and were often used to store boxes of books, stacks of chairs and random acquisitions of our beloved Center. Do not think for one nanosecond that the sweet Baha'is of Santiago are neglectful, for this would not be true. On the contrary, I have never met a harder working bunch of people (6 day work weeks, I tell ya!). Their focus is dead set on the happiness of souls and unity in the community. So, we were happy to do this (and surely hope they will be too) since we are unemployed and entirely available for five hours on a weekday.
That said, here goes.
Porridge and prayers for the first day of the Fast began our day.
We arrived at the Center uber-eager to attack the clutter-dust-storm and I completely forgot to take the before pictures. Just imagine about thirty minutes of fury right here. Yeah. That was us. Because we're awesome.

Just in case you need to type a note to 1983 because you miss it.
For the times when you miss floppy disks.
That blue thing is a sleeping bag. You know, for the nights when you just can't pull away from your filing cabinets.
Table o' books.
Many of them rotting from some kind of wetness they encountered some time ago, unbeknownst to most.
We love boxes.
And we love to stack them.
Look out for this bookshelf. It got the biggest makeover.
We encountered a great many amigos on our cleaning journey.
This sucker, I kid you not, was too big to hide behind the filing cabinet.

It also took Josh three stomps to kill it, mostly. These men take their work seriously.
The ultimate servin' Mama!
I found 1973. We had a good laugh together until I admitted that I wasn't born until 1980.
Zora decides that even the tropical air outside is too dusty for her delicate senses. She's crazy.
Max found an armored insect.
BattleBug wasn't so ferocious on its back.
My sweet little servin' offspring. 
What gems will we find here?
A book printed in 1946, before the Faith was even in this country! Kewl.
Well, you've earned it. You've arrived at the coveted after photos. Take a gander. I hope they speak for themselves.

Please, stay a while.
Happy Fasting, y'all! I hope its filled with all kinds of goodness.

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