Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photolog: Island Road Trip!

Let's just say that when we returned from our mid-week trip, showing my visiting papa some of the countryside, our conversations went something like this:
AnyDominicanFriend: Where'd you go?
MeOrJosh: Nagua and Monte Plata, mostly
AnyDominicanFriend: Wow. I've never been there before.
But it wasn't an exciting sort of response like: And I've always wanted to! It was more like: And there is good reason for that.
Nagua is mentioned in Lonely Planet. It says something like, this is really only a good place to catch a bus. If you need to get money, you could probably go to a bank in town, I guess. #glowingreview
Monte Plata, on the other hand, does not exist at all. And to be fair, it was a side trip on a whim.
So, this here's our photographic evidence of the trip no one but us seemed interested in taking. You can decide for yourself whether the destinations merit your time. We'd be happy to go again.
I'll take two. Thanks.
With my own eyes.
Rice fields glow a gorgeous green.
What's for dinner when you don't have fuel to cook with, plates or utensils? Sandwiches. On notebook paper. #homemadepaperplates
We made a swimming pool and a castle in ruins with Baba!
Goatee on a bust. That's art.
Z-Bean is affected by that same gravitational pull of the moon.

Old man and his grandkids.
Flo? That sounds nice. I'll have that.

The only part of Monte Plata I saw. Josh went into the village without the camera, unfortunately. My bad.

Roadside mangoes. Yes, please.

Welcome back to Santiago.

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