Saturday, January 7, 2012

Transition Springtime

Yes, I’m aware it’s the middle of winter. To be fair, that means the temperature here only drops to a “freezing” (according to my dear Dominicans) 64 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of the night. In this little heart of mine, however, I feel the warmth of spring. I’ve found happiness, contentedness—which is only ever a decision away. With my forced vacation from daily life, I took a figurative step outside. The big picture was there. And it’s beautiful.
This week, Josh and I jumped into this new semester, if you will—me working online and he continuing the homeschool adventures. I’m grateful for the flexibility of my schedule, the ease of each day, spending time with my sweet offspring and dear husband. We’re in the midst of making so many decisions, both big and small, igniting feelings of fear and excitement. I think this is living.
Max and I sat together this morning, still in our pajamas, drinking fresh mango smoothies and feeling contemplative. My little boy turned to me, sincere smile on his face and a calmness in his voice. “It feels so good to be in 1st grade. I’m learning so many things. And I already know how to read a 3rd grade book. And fast!”

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