Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sun Still Be Shinin'

I continue to be a flip-flop-wearin'-fool around these parts. My feet are gnarly. Dry. I've never felt the need for a pedicure. 'Til now. Maybe next week. For now, I'm keeping up with fresh mango smoothie drinking and playing outside with my sweet offspring. In January.
A dear friend, Roslend, continues to climb trees and bring us piles of these lovelies on a weekly basis.
A park near our house has a great playground for chitlins size small.

Martine has an official member card: "Best Swing Pushers Club".  
I think she is member #002, but she refuses to show me her card. Doesn't want me to get jealous.
Swing low sweet cherry chariot.
Dems' my babies.

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