Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Lesson on Death

This morning I walked out to check on the various living creatures we've acquired and found one to be... not quite himself. He'd croaked, keeled over, bit the big one, kicked the bucket, ceased to exist. I saw him minutes before Max did, so was able to run and get Josh--the whole support team at the ready. Leonardo the hamster had met his end.
We circled around Max as he grieved. We questioned the reasons why, retraced all of our missteps, looked for clues. We moved the cage and found urine had somehow leaked outside it. Curious. I wondered if autopsies were done on hamsters. Silly. I pried Leo from the bottom of the cage. Homeboy had been stiff for a while. Blood. On his face. Ah yes. Danger. Cat got 'em.
Well, at least it wasn't because of complete neglect. Our sneaky kitty had somehow slipped into Leo's room and acted swiftly. Circle of life?
We suggested that Max write a story about Leonardo to assist his grieving process.
The Story: "Love Leonardo"
For those of you who either can't see the poor quality photo or can't read, I have taken the liberty of editing the story.
"Love Leonardo One day I found Leonardo lying dead and I cried my eyes out. The End."

Leonardo, looking out of his cage.


  1. dear Max i know how you feel . My hampster died on
    christmas day her name was Hampy . she had cauht a fever.I am very sorry to hear about Leonardo.
    He sounded like a very good hampster and the kitty was just being a kitty goodbye Janelle

    P.S. I hope you and your family had a good rest
    of the new year.

  2. He's in a better place right now!
    (Was he named after the ninja turtle?, If so, he surely was THE hamster)