Sunday, January 15, 2012

Born Again Gardners

When Josh and I first married, we were very concerned about our ability to keep living things from dying before their time. We wanted to someday have children, after all. We killed everything. Our record was four months with a cactus. I didn't know you could kill cacti. Perhaps we tried too hard. When little Max arrived, I remember checking for life signs every hour whilst he slept until he was suddenly a toddler. And, some days, the fact that he was still alive at nightfall was enough for us to celebrate. This is likely part first-time-parents, part plant-murderers, but we felt successful nonetheless.
Years later, our luck seems to have turned. Max is now a healthy, robust six-year-old. Take that, cactus. Apparently, our offspring are heartier than plants, thank God. Or at least they're more vocal.
Having kept two living things alive now for quite some time, Josh and I decided to attempt caring for more and more life forms here on the island. The hamster didn't work out so well, as you may have heard. Danger, the cat, is still alive, though he hasn't made it past our trial four-month-period yet. As if that wasn't enough, we have successfully planted, grown and kept most of the plants that started as seeds when we arrived. Most. My-oh-my how our garden is growing. Like the tree we planted on our wedding day (which has survived, as we have, despite it's many hardships), we feel that planting here is symbolic of our intentions to stay. Roots in soil. Live ones, stayin' alive. Each day plunging deeper, weaving intricately through nutrient-rich earth.
Our most recent addition, a jasmine tree, is atop Leonardo's grave.
(Max dressed up for the funeral service which he  arranged and hosted himself.)
Planting a banana tree. Incidentally, I think this one will die for lack of shade. C'est la vie. Or la death, as it were.

Having allowed the plants to sprawl across our backgravelyard, the kiddos went and found some branches to prop them up. Who needs wire plant stands? Just use other plants.

Oh my stars! Food is actually growing. We've planted watermelon, orange trees, cucumber, tomatoes, pineapple, beans, cilantro and some other stuff in a pot which we've forgotten what it is.
Maybe we'll find out, maybe we won't.
Our first cucumber. Hoorah!

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