Friday, December 2, 2011

Photolog: Our Caribbean Thanksgiving Potluck

Thanksgiving in the Caribbean.
Dominican Thanksgiving: Saturday, November 26th ('Twas a regular work week on the island).
The baking began early. Mama Jan's infamous crescent rolls with my own touch (a dash of cardamom).
Vanessa played with the kiddos. Dominoes are an essential part of Dominican culture.
Nilande was a wonder in the kitchen. Her contributions: turkey, salmon, rice and green beans. Thanks, lady!
Kid craft before dinner: the sugar cookie decoration station.
Yup. Dessert first. Hindsight: perhaps not the brightest mommy idea of the day.
Potluck spread: creamed spinach, gravy, garlic mashed potatoes,  two turkeys, pineapple & papaya salad, green salad, green beans and stuffing. Yowza!
Last minute preparations. Adilani and her beautiful mama, Ada are ready!
A fierce game of dominoes with Leticia, Galvin, Madeleine, Amalio & Melanie.
Kiddos were in & out of the playroom all night.
Let's begin! Amelie asks Amely to share some grub.
Little Zee enjoys the tropical fruit, an essential part of any Caribbean spread.

Dessert spread: sugar cookies, crepes, fruit pudding, apple pie and pumpkin pie. We done good.
Ada, Melanie, Amalio, Leticia, Galvin, Santiago and Josh chat after dinner.

A cooking, baking and socializing whirlwind of a wonderful weekend!

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