Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photolog: "No, no. That's His Name"

The in-laws came for a visit a couple weeks ago and we decided to show them the country. Not the one you see when you type "Dominican Republic" into Google images, though that is a lovely part--that's the thing, its just part of it. My sweet friend, Melanie, offered us a place to stay up in the mountains. On her father-in-laws' farm. 'Twas great. We hung at the local hot-spot: village colmado. Witnessed true outdoor cooking. At daybreak, watched all the cows milked (and made, surprisingly, a great many connections to my personal milk-producing & extracting experience). We ate yucca that was harvested that day from the farm. Drank fresh coffee. Laughed. Talked. And overall, enjoyed the hospitality and hilarity of Francisco, our host.
No street lights in the campo. We made our way to the colmado for dinner (lovingly prepared by Mel's sister-in-law).
We made it!
Max entertains us while we rest from the walk up the hill.
Porky, ready to be roasted.
Dinner was cooked here.
The whole outdoor kitchen. Can you see Porky?
Wash up for dinner!

Kids made friends with this little darlin'
Francisco told us that "Jeepeta" (a Jeep) would pick up the fresh cow milk which he sold each morning. Melanie was impressed that a motor vehicle was now coming around to the dairy farmers to retrieve milk. This was progress! When Jeepeta arrived, Francisco had the biggest laugh of all. A donkey with two large milk canisters strapped to his back made his way to Francisco's front patio where we had hauled the milk not an hour earlier.
"Did the jeep break down?"
"No, no," Francisco reassured us all, "That's the donkey's name. Jeepeta." And he doubled over in a fit of giggles.

La cocina where Melanie cooked us lunch on day #2.
If I ever have my own kitchen, its gettin' the bright paint treatment too. l.o.v.e. it.
Where my lovely in-laws slept.
Sweet Samil after a warm swim at the beach.
The wee ones on the front porch.
The in-laws (mine & Melanie's) enjoying the warm morning.

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