Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Go Dig a Hole," He Said to Me

"Go dig a hole," he pointed to a tree
Zora had to do more than pee
Can't do number two in the beach latrine
Something I had not foreseen
"That was an adventure," she said to me

On a remote and beautiful beach this last weekend, I was wading in the shallow water, watching my son and his friend romp and play joyfully. The sun shone bright, soft sand nuzzled my feet and laughter was heard on all sides.
Then she said it.
"I have to poop, Mama."
Those words are often dreadful. More so when we're traveling. And the worst when we are nowhere near a restroom. You guessed it. Forced to take a break from my fantasy paradise moment, I dug a hole. And held my daughter over it to move her bowels. I wiped her with a tissue I'd found in our car. She stood up, looked over at me while ceremoniously brushing off her hands and said: "Well! That was an adventure."

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