Friday, December 9, 2011

Flat Stanley Adventures

My dear cousin, Kelli, lives in New Mexico. Her daughter, Kira, has a school project called "Flat Stanley" where the kiddos send a paper doll to their relatives that live the farthest away. Ta-da! That's us. Flat Stanley is then supposed to spend a week with us, doing things that we normally do.
I think we were supposed to send Stanley back about three weeks ago, but we're horrible with time and mail, so this project has taken quite a hit. Caribbean time cannot be properly appreciated elsewhere. Sorry, Kira (we'll try and get to the post office next week)! In the meantime, however, Stanley has been livin' it up in the Caribbean.
Kiddies on a walk behind our house.
At a local park with their new basketball (pretty big deal).
At the vegetelera (produce shop) buying pineapple.
On the guagua.
At a local pre-school.
Flat Stanley is no sissy (and how could she be with a name like Stanley?). She hugged this huge beetle!
And Flat Stanley hung out with a Dominican abuelita who gave us coffee by the roadside today.
The kids still want to show Flat Stanley how to cut open a coconut and then we'll get that girl back to her home in a New Mexican elementary school. Que te vayas bien, Flat Stanley!

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