Thursday, December 1, 2011

The (December) News

I'm taking a chance. On myself. I don't know if this is something grown-ups do, but my husband has lovingly agreed to play along. So here I am, standing on the edge, again. Sick with fear and ready to jump. Fall hard on my face or find another facet of happiness.
The year before Josh and I married, I had insomnia. It was one of the best years of my life. Likely never to be recreated. I was full of ideas, as I often am. The difference: I had several extra hours in my day--every day. I was able to entertain my ideas, let them play out. Carry them as far as my heart desired. Create. Produce. Give. Love.
Today I declare my courage contract with you. My goal: follow an idea, a dream. Give it life. My practical and loving husband has agreed to risk a few months. See if I can begin to grow wings. Find self-discipline. Plant the seeds of entrepreneurial adventures. We're going to live off the small income I'm making from my online gig and reassess in May.
Hell, we already voluntarily became illegal immigrants (no worries, we're working on that one too). Why not follow a few more crazy ideas? Details forthcoming. Slowly. Wish me luck!

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