Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feels Like... Brains.

"Don't knock on anybody's door and ask for candy here, Miss," one of my students warned.
I giggled at his concern, "Why not?"
"They'll think you're crazy!" he told me, eyes wide and serious. Apparently, he doesn't think very highly of my ability to differentiate between my own culture and the one I'm immersed in.
Alas, Halloween is not celebrated here in our adopted island life. I didn't know it was October anyway. And all of a sudden its not October anymore (this lack of weather change has thrown everything off. Happy birthday, sweet Sarah Mac!). Maybe I'll catch you next year, good 'ol month ten.
The Rousculp clan did manage to find a corner of the city where Halloween is recognized. One home in particular where a mummy, a bunny, a baseball player and a princess were welcomed in when we knocked on the door. I found another American. She happens to love Halloween. And is overall, a fabulous & wonderful person. You see how nicely it works out?

My children were kind and opted for "costumes" with no assembly required.
Marvelous Melanie, Halloween lover, organized enough activities to create at least 82 memories. 
My Toothless Wonder had trouble bobbing.

Rock Star Adilani helped Z with her candy corn craft.

Musical chairs? Yes, please. Adan, the Green Lantern, took the prize.

The 20 & under crowd. The 80s princess (I'm a sucker for pink leg warmers) and the  'lil king were naturals.

Do you want to feel something gross?
It feels like brains (read: cold spaghetti)!

A brave rock star took the lead in feeling the heart (read: peeled tomato).

The mummy thought the skin (read: tortilla with oil on it) was horrifying.

You thought your flat screen was hot.

My dear Ada reminded me of the first time Zora tried a lime when she touched the "heart". Fav pic of the night.

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