Thursday, November 10, 2011


Two families living in a large house has many wonderful perks. Our kids play, fight and learn together as siblings. We hang out after kiddybedtime, laughing and talking. We have a cell phone family plan. We split the rent (niiiiiice). Someone is always home to wave goodbye when you leave, or open the door when you come home. There are any number of undesirable aspects to living with others as well. It turns out there are a great many things that one cannot simply assume. You've got to talk to each other. Communicate. Consult.
Consultation is a fairly amazing process. Not every consultation I've ever been a part of has ended with rainbows and unicorns. It takes practice, and the proper focus. But I've witnessed this glory enough times to be willing to continue all attempts. Trifle as it may be, a housemate consultation on the divvying up of housework (read: undesirable aspect) ended in such a way.
The following is our chore agreement:
Everyone shares the cooking, Josh exempt.
Everyone shares the cleaning of the floors, myself exempt.
Everyone shares the grocery shopping, Martine exempt.
Everyone washes dishes, Jesse exempt.
Its nice to live with responsible adults. Half of them look like this (the other half seems to be sneakier about being photographed):

He also cooks some mean carnivorous dishes and offers general merriment.
This one never stops. Laundry, kids, cleaning, massages (sorry, for the wife only),  and  lots 'o joy.

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