Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh, hello October

I realize that we are, in fact, in the tail-end of October. But only on an intellectual level do I concede this point. October means something entirely different than what I'm experiencing now. My senses are telling me its still July. I continue to eat gorgeous avocados, huge papayas and coconuts straight off the tree. The leaves are all the same color as they were four months ago. The sun shines brightly for the same number of hours that it did four months ago. Yesterday I had back sweat it was so hot. Forget about Fall sweaters, the fans are still working overtime and I'm not even using a top sheet at night.
I called my dad on Thursday to wish him a happy birthday. "Hey dad, sorry I didn't send you anything. Normally I would have, but I didn't realize it was October already," I confessed. He laughed. But then again, he always does.
In fact, the only sign of October in this entire city is in McDonalds where the Happy Meals come in Halloween candy buckets. I haven't been to McDonalds, but the remnants of a visit are in my home. Otherwise, all the stores are full of what they've been full of since September 15th: Christmas. Yup. They take down their Back-to-School displays and out come all things Christmas. A mere three and a half months ahead of time.
All other indicators of October are in the online world where friends from home share pictures of themselves jumping in leaves, carving pumpkins and talk about cuddling up with their kids at night.
Cuddle? Are you crazy? Zora fell asleep on my chest yesterday and my thought process went something like this: Oh sweet Zora. You won't be doing this anymore sometime soon. You're getting so big. I brushed her hair away from her face. I paused to focus on her breathing in cadence with mine. Good Lord, this is hot. I hope I can get her off of me without waking her. And then I rolled her off.

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